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justCloud – How does it work


justCloud – How does it work  JustCloud is a SaaS (software as a service) product designed to simplify and streamline the process of saving data to the cloud. JustCloud is intended to work either as an additional source of support to the backup methods you already use or as your …

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Most common uses of cloud computing

Ten Most Common Uses of Cloud Computing Nowadays, cloud computing is everywhere and is being used by many in our everyday life. Being used a lot, cloud computing has grown over the past year in popularity from obscurity to a star leading service. In today’s world, it is more important …

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What is Google webmaster tool?

What is Google webmaster tool?  Google gives various instruments to your SEO stockpile. The most evident is Google Analytics offers a top to bottom examination suite that is comprehensive, enhanced with an explanation of movement concerning a client’s website. In any case, Google Webmaster Tools gives the propelled look at …

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How a firewall works

How a Firewall Works Firewalls are beneficial for many reasons. A firewall can be software or hardware. The firewall protects a network from intrusion by monitoring incoming and outgoing network traffic. People who have their firewall enabled can prevent unauthorized access to their network. There are different types of firewalls …

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