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Cloud Backup Services

cloud backup

Cloud Backup Services  Building a good backup should be a top priority for any business that relies on some kind of data for its operational insight. There are several reasons to require a backup, but in the end it mostly comes down to maintaining constant access to the data so …

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The Benefits of Managed Web Hosting

managed hosting

The Benefits of Managed Web Hosting Small business owners and people who run personal websites can save money, time and increase website security by taking advantage of managed Web hosting. We recommend managed Web hosting for people who run several applications on their servers and regularly take customer data. It’s …

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Data Backup Tricks – The key to secure data


Data Backup Tricks – The key to secure data  Data security today is not just about having a robust online platform. No matter how reliable and secure any platform may be, there are other factors that can contribute to breaches. In fact, poorly managed data backups can even become their …

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What is Enterprise Cloud Computing?


Enterprise cloud computing is the field of using the power of the cloud to solve business problems. Cloud computing is a new area of computer communications that involves networking many computers together in a tight-knit grouping. The end result is a large network that functions in some ways as if …

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Types of Cloud Computing


Types of Cloud Computing  We can describe cloud computing types in two ways. We can either base our description on the cloud location or it can be based on the cloud’s service offered.When basing our description of the cloud type on its location, there are four: • Public • Private …

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Cloud Computing Vendors Comparison

cloud wall

Cloud computing comparison is very important in our world of technology. Many technology enthusiasts have already piled numerous comparisons in the field of cloud computing with an aim of aiding the solution providers to navigate the cloud market. Many of the major players in cloud computing vending are thriving and …

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Benefits of using a Cloud Server

Benefits of using a Cloud Server  People are asking many different questions about the cloud. Where is the cloud? What is it? Are we in the cloud yet? The term cloud computing refers to a system of storing and accessing apps and data remotely over the Internet instead of a …

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What You Didn’t Know About Cloud for resale

cloud resale

An Insight Into Cloud For Resale The business of cloud resale involves quite some tasks. The tasks involved include a huge initial investment in infrastructure, and the maintenance of the infrastructure comes with huge costs. The business is also faced with a massive competition from well-established organizations with a vast …

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Cloud Computing Security and its Advantages


There are many reasons to try out cloud computing. One of the most compelling is security. Information security has been one of the most significant storylines of the past few years. Almost every month, a business or government entity reveals a breach that compromises mission-critical data. As a result, strong …

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Tips to Selecting a Cloud Hosting Provider


Choosing a cloud hosting provider can feel like an intimidating process for those new to „the cloud,“ but it doesn’t have to be. The same rules apply for choosing any new service provider – you want to select a provider that is trustworthy, secure, reliable, affordable and appropriate for your …

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