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Cloud Computing Vendors Comparison

Cloud computing comparison is very important in our world of technology. Many technology enthusiasts have already piled numerous comparisons in the field of cloud computing with an aim of aiding the solution providers to navigate the cloud market.

Many of the major players in cloud computing vending are thriving and finding themselves in top list of the most sought out cloud computing vendors in the whole world. What makes the cloud computing so valuable to the vendors is that it provides a way to solve many computing problems without complications.

In 2015, the cloud computing wars have just gotten hotter, and some casualties are already seen. It has come to the extent that the cloud computing vendor must just be exceptional to survive in this “war”. In the article, I present to you an entertaining read on some of the recent Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors and how they deliver their services to the consumers in their different and special ways.


This company has beaten all odds to make it to the list of top cloud computing vendors of 2015. It has a well- integrated VAR system transitioned into a dial-up ISP that is then recast into co-location service providers to offer its customers the better cloud services. The company offers cloud service at affordable pricing done on an hourly, monthly or annual basis currently the charge $0.017 per hour. The company has been operational since 2010 with 2014 becoming one of its most productive years.


The company recently acquired Tier-three and Savvis in many years of aggressiveness to survive in the cloud vending business. They have to employ very effective cloud strategy that has gained steam in the recent times. The company also recently availed an extensive Cloud Research Centre in Seattle to enable it to develop the next generation of cloud computing technology. The research centre will enable it to power its ever-growing global network of data hubs.

Windows Azure

They have also become one of the best cloud vendors. The base plan price per hour for the cloud services is at $0.02, which is quite affordable. The Azure runs on numerous runtimes available in the form of, .NET, Java, Node, PHP, Python and Ruby. Windows Azure also employs features that enable users to spin up new Windows Server and Linux virtual machinery in a split of minutes and adjust the usage needs at will.

Engine Yard

Engine Yard is among the most promising cloud computing vendors globally. Their platform is simulated to offer cloud computing services under a public domain. The base plan for the cloud services falls at $0.04 per hour per server, which is also an affordable rate. The available runtimes for engine yard included Java, node PHP, and Ruby.

The company provides one of the most sought after cloud applications that are mainly used by developers to manage and monitor applications in both public and private clouds. Other details of their products include;

• One virtual CPU cores.
• 160 GB Disk space.
• Web-based application interface.
• Horizontal and vertical scaling.
• Operates in over eight countries (Singapore, Oregon, Virginia, Northern California, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, and Dublin).

Work Express

Work Express enables the user to effectively built complex database apps with a 100 percent visual stimulation. Work express also bears the name of the company that produces the services. Work Express has made it very easy for cloud users to perform many functions such as deploying of servers, cloud storage, disaster recovery and very Flexible Storage services.

The base plan rate is available at $0.03 per hour or $25 monthly per server. Work express can also work with other support services that include forums, online resources, and phones. The company provides cloud services for both Windows and Linux users with MySQL as a native database.

Luna Cloud LDA

It is a relatively smaller company compared to other companies discussed in this article, but many cloud computing users have widely applauded their services. Their prices are very affordable with an hourly pricing of $0.017. They also have a monthly and annual subscription options.

The company has helpful support service that can engage the customers in case of any issue. The support services are in the form of live chat or phone conversations. They also have IPv6 support to help them in ensuring quality service delivery to their users. They offer other services to their users that include, Block Storage, Cloud storage, flexible storage, horizontal scaling and IP/VIP Management.

The control interface involves Web Based Application and the Application Programming Interface.

Digia PLC

Digia Plc is a company that many users have branded as one, which has the desire to offer quality cloud services to the consumers. The company is the one that develops Qt cloud services that offer numerous solutions to cloud computing problems.

Qt Cloud services give users the better choice for cloud computing since one can use it in almost every project due to the public, hybrid, and private cloud options.

The pricing details for Qt cloud services involves a base monthly fee starting from $9.90, for a single mini instance with one GB for each server meant for data storage. It also provides a 256 RAM for incoming traffic of ten GB and outgoing of one GB.

Other subscription options include an hourly, annual, free plan and on-demand self-service. The company also offers support services to the customers. They have 24/7 customer support team, forums, online resources and phone support services.

The CompuLab Corp

The company is well known for offering cloud services in a platform known as The CompuLab. The deployment model for The CompuLab is a Private cloud. The computer can assist in implementing a wider variety of data backup solutions to both individuals and businesses. It has a preconfigured operating system known as CentOS, and it is available in Europe and North America. Other important features of The CompuLab include auto scaling, Cloud Storage, DNS Management, Firewalls, and Load balancing. The pricing rate is on a monthly and annual basis.

DigitalOcean Inc.

DigitalOcean Inc. is the manufacturer and operator of DigitalOcean. It deploys its cloud services inform of public model. In 2014, they created the fastest and the most convenient cloud technology of all times to help users manage digital infrastructure easily and more efficiently.

DigitalOcean has a base pan amounting to $0.007 per hour per server that is affordable. Other pricing details include $10 per month for 1GB memory, one Core processor, and a 30 GB SSD Disk.The Company provides high performing SSD Hard drives and Flexible APIs.

It supports both Linux and Windows operating systems with numerous preconfigured operating systems being part of the amazing computer clouding experience. The available run times for DigitalOcean include Ruby, PHP, Python, and Node.


The Rollbase organization has been in the cloud computing business since 2010. The company is the producer of Progress Rollbase, which is a cloud platform that enhances the development and delivery of mobile and cloud-based functions. The platform uses very simple techniques like the point and clicks, drag, and drop that also involve minimal coding.

Other features of Progress Rollbase includes Auto scaling, object storage, deploy servers and the direct connect functionality. It also has a monthly subscription option at a fixed rate and an Application Programming Interface.

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