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The Benefits of Managed Web Hosting

The Benefits of Managed Web Hosting
Small business owners and people who run personal websites can save money, time and increase website security by taking advantage of managed Web hosting. We recommend managed Web hosting for people who run several applications on their servers and regularly take customer data. It’s important to stay on top of server issues and continually monitor the server for any issues. Freelancers, small businesses and individuals running their own servers can get into serious trouble if a server isn’t managed properly.

Understanding Managed Hosting
Simply put, a managed hosting plan means that a team of professionals are expertly managing your server and monitoring for potential issues. The team takes care of any server-related issues, and the team typically provides the server that a website is run off as well. Think of it as a personal maintenance crew for the server that continually monitors for issues.

Unmanaged hosting doesn’t include a team to run maintenance and service tasks. These types of plans typically provide the customer with a hosting plan, and pay-per-service technical support for more serious issues that the customer can’t resolve on their own. These plans typically only provide support when the server goes down as a result of hardware failures or issues on the host’s end.

Overview of Benefits
A managed Web hosting service offers tremendous benefits to the consumer, some of the most important benefits are outlined below:

High-Performing Servers: Servers on a managed hosting platform offer exceptional performance and low downtime.
Reduction of IT Services: With a managed hosting team, a company can scale back their in-house IT staff.
Effective Customization: A managed hosting environment is adaptable and can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of a company.
Security and Compliance: As the government continues to pass into law harsher punishments for mishandling of consumer information, it’s important to have a managed hosting provider to keep your server secure.
Optimal Reliability: A managed server is more reliable and essential for companies that require 100 percent uptime.
Better Support: With managed servers, a company can expect faster and more reliable support.
Taking Care of Maintenance Issues
Managed hosting teams are concerned with the following areas of server maintenance:

Server Monitoring
Security Management
Storage Considerations
Database Management
Backup Management
Server Monitoring
A server that isn’t being monitored on a regular basis is vulnerable to attacks and downtime when problems with the server bring down the website. System administrators continually monitor the server to identify any potential weaknesses and points of failure. The managed hosting team can address problems before they become major issues. A managed hosting team is concerned with preventing problems before they become serious issues.

Security Management
Security is a major priority for any responsible country. Using a highly experienced team to check a server for potential issues can go a long way to preventing issues in the future. The umbrella of security covers several routine procedures to help maintain the integrity of the server.

Security specialists generally take care of the following security issues and processes:

Security Audits
Virus Scanning
Spam Filtering
Firewall Configuration
Server and Software Updates
The cost of purchasing the software to maintain a server can be astronomical. With a managed hosting provider, it’s possible to get all the tools required to effectively manage a server and keep the website running securely. Professional teams can often fix issues before they become issues for website visitors. Without proper security, a website is vulnerable to all forms of attacks.

Storage Considerations
A company just starting out may not have very large storage requirements. As the business grows, the server will need to grow as well to accommodate increasing storage needs. A managed hosting team can help ensure that storage needs are met now and in the future. Managed storage solutions allows a company to outsource its storage needs to a managed services provider. The result is that the company can reduce expenses by allocating the costs associated with buying and administering storage services to a managed services provider.

Storage may need to be allocated off the main website server as well. Companies that need to develop hybrid storage solutions can work with a managed team to make it easier to access information through a central area. Getting the balance between the amount of space a company needs in the current moment and how much will be needed further on down the line requires a significant commitment. Managed Web hosting can help to eliminate some of the confusion in deciding how much storage space is needed based on the applications and type of data stored.

Database Management
Database management requires the skills of a Database Administrator. These professionals know how to work specifically with databases, and can help resolve any issues with the system. Managed Web hosting teams typically have at last one DBA who knows how to work with SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and other database systems. A company that is without an expert to manage their databases may come into issues later on as the database starts to increase and new applications are added. A slow database can spell disaster for a fledgling company.

Backup Management
One of the most expensive losses for a company is lost data. Lost data can put a company behind schedule, cause them to lose valuable time recovering data and can put them at a disadvantage when competing with their competitors. A small business can lose half their data in a disaster. This is why it’s so important to have a backup service that stores backups in a safe, secure and remote location. It does no good to create a backup and store it on the same server as the website. If the server for the website goes down, the backup will very likely go with it.

Cost Benefits of Managed Hosting
Every company has specific needs that must be met to effectively manage their daily operations and meet customer expectations. Managed Web hosting can help a company to get the most out of their servers and create an environment that meets their individual needs. Teams can work with a company to get a customized server that fits the company’s budget and priorities.

Especially for small businesses, the benefits of managed hosting go well beyond simply saving time and keeping the server secure. With a managed hosting team, it’s possible to save a significant amount of money. Fixing a problem is generally much more expensive than preventing it in the first place. Having a team available to handle any website issue can give a business owner peace of mind.

Hiring a Managed Web Host
Hiring a managed Web hosting team can help make a company more reliable and secure. With so many issues that can go wrong with a server, it makes sense to employ a team that can be available to fix issues as needed. Managed Web hosting services help improve a company’s uptime, reduce costs and keep their customers data secure.

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