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What You Didn’t Know About Cloud for resale

An Insight Into Cloud For Resale

The business of cloud resale involves quite some tasks. The tasks involved include a huge initial investment in infrastructure, and the maintenance of the infrastructure comes with huge costs. The business is also faced with a massive competition from well-established organizations with a vast experience from the field. Persons interested in taking part in the cloud services resale need to establish their potential suppliers before settling for the business. The supplier’s available for the cloud services include Iron Mountain, Axcient, and Nirvanix. The suppliers sell appliances that are installed in the customer location.

The second option is to adopt the software from ISVS, the software offered include Mimosa and Atempo. The software provides cloud storage for the adoption of the cloud storage providers‘ API set. The cloud storage resellers are allowed to install and integrate applications like file archiving and email archiving.

Benefits of Using a Cloud Server

The servers are highly adaptable, and it allows clients to adjust easily to new working environments. They have a great capability to function, and they are more consistent in offering services. The servers offer clients with versatility, adaptability and capacity to modify servers whenever needed. The servers are ideally perfect for web hosting.

Website hosting using cloud server provides clients with security and execution. The clients can get access to more than one server at once.
The servers allow data to flow from one server to the next consistently permitting clients to access the internet without disruptions. The clients don’t have to incur extra charges for an extra data transfer.
The cloud hosting providers bill their clients according to their usage. Cloud servers allow their clients to look at their website in a secure environment with no real hassles that arrive with routine hosting.

Private Cloud Computing

Private cloud computing operates through proprietary architecture, is services include self-service and scalability. Private clouds are dedicated to offering their services to one specific organization, unlike public ones that deliver services to man organizations. Private cloud feature has become very popular as a result of its interesting features:

The private cloud computing company has an unlimited capability to grow dynamically.

It has the capability of serving more than one tenants without compromising the quality of services offered. The management of the configuration allows the usage of different types of tools and software.

Billing and reporting

It has the ability of effectively reporting usage and consumption effectively.

Benefits of Private Cloud Computing

High Level of Privacy and Security

The security and privacy options available are more comprehensive and equipped with proof security and privacy options.
Enhanced control; the dedication to specific organizations allows online management and configuration for achieving customized network solution.

Energy and Cost Efficiency

It ensures resources are available to all relevant departments in an organization. The private cloud also responds to their demands in a more quick and effective manner. They also provide efficiently and economical utilization of resources, this helps in reducing costs incurred in investments.

Private clouds have an enhanced reliability.

The Cloud bursting feature that allows the service provider to create more space by switching nonfunctioning features into a public cloud.
Private cloud computing has become the most favored form of cloud computing because of the interesting features it offers to the clients.

Cloud reseller activity has attracted a lot of interested persons. The cloud reseller programs on the web include:

The SoftLayer cloud

The program enables qualified resellers to offer the best services to their customers. The resellers can offer services that have the highest performance and reliability creating satisfaction among customers. The resellers have non-exclusive rights to sell products not particularly under SoftLayer cloud name. The resellers have the rights to provide standard SoftLayer services. Other services resellers enjoy customized customer portal together with an auto-provisioned server delivery within 2 to 4 hours on components in stock.

Google Maps

The Google Apps Reseller Program offers IT solution providers the take Google applications to customers. The Google Apps are a cloud-based suite of email, logbook, calendar and collaboration tools. Google Apps is a global leader in SaaS; it has encountered an overwhelming reception from many business organizations willing to sign up. SaaS is currently being used by more than 2 million companies. The solution has highly facilitated these companies messaging and collaboration tools.

OpSource Reseller Program

OpSource Distribution partners provide cloud or host managing services. Distribution partners are expected to generate more returns from administration instead of solely relying on decreasing margins on hardware and software. The distribution partners are frameworks integrators, MSPs, and VARs. Cloud computing provides the opportunity to transform skills in infrastructure, network and software solutions into cloud hosting services revenue.


The NetApp is designed to assist resellers expand their business entities and maximize profits. Innovative storage and data management solutions are easily delivered to the most demanding customers.


It is a new cloud computing program signed with Dell. More information and announcements on this computing program are available at Dell’s page. The program is not accessible currently, but it is a feature looking out for when it becomes available.

Rackspace Cloud

The cloud partner program was established to enable resellers to grow their reputation, expand their connections to the clients and their businesses.


ReliaCloud has its highest reputation on high-quality service, technical competence, security and good customer relationships. ReliaCloud is the primary supplier of Distributed Computing in IT.


The SoonR program enables resellers to make huge profit margins and a consistent income stream. The resellers achieve this by bringing the SoonR award-winning Active Backup service offerings with their private label. Cloud computing provides resellers with the chance to minimize maintenance costs, bring down hardware investment, and give them time to focus on expanding their business entity.

Red Hat Cloud Program

The Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider gives a destination that can be trusted, for ISVs, Red Hat customers, and partners. They use Red Hat technologies in the public clouds. It meets rigorous testing and certification requirements to ensure scalable, delivery of a safe, supported and consistent environment, for enterprise cloud deployments. By using the program, Red Hat establishes the first program to make sure that vendors test the cloud and give a helping hand to the process, which guarantees smooth operations.


Works with the leader in enterprise cloud computing and join the most successful partner ecosystem in the industry. Whether one is an independent software vendor (ISV), who wants to build commercial SaaS applications or a consulting firm that wants to expand services into the cloud.

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